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Some people look at hair loss as a superficial dilemma. But others cannot easily accept it and it seems to be a major dilemma for them. Withdrawal, depression, and a constant feeling of discomfiture due to this physical aspect are a few of the things a man may have to face up to. These are not negligible, and they can immensely impact the quality of life a person leads. Best hair loss product discovered It was only at the turn of the century when the best hair loss product was known accidentally. The scientist was conducting clinical experiments for a newly discovered drug aimed to delay the development of tumors inside the prostate glands. The science expert was astounded as the male subjects of the study reported they were growing hairs. The experimenter immediately altered their clinical trials. They started to perform experiments for re-growing hair. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had licensed Propecia as a safe and effective preventive drug and mode of treatment for hair loss or baldness. However, not all hair loss problems may be managed with this drug. Getting old and all the changes that go with it are natural processes. Propecia is for cases of premature hair loss among male individuals. It is vital to make a certain diagnosis is verified prior to use of the medication. It can take three to six months for noticeable results to be apparent. When a person has no male pattern baldness, this is not the medication for him.

Effectiveness of Propecia 1mg

This drug has demonstrated to be the most efficient hair loss treatment for male patients. It works on problems usually at the crown of the head. This is the part that is typically affected by hair loss among men. Patients will be glad to know that Propecia 1mg has been confirmed not only to manage but also to prevent hair loss from occurring ninety-nine percent of the time. In addition, ninety percent of the men taking the drug will have new growth of hair. Results have been apparent after three months of use while most efficient outcomes of continued use can be observed after six months to a year.

There are numerous modes of treatment for hair loss. There are those who choose topical medications, hair procedures like transplants, and there’s Propecia, a highly effective treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This medication has been classified to manage hair loss among male individuals affected by male pattern baldness. It works not only to address current hair loss but it is also effective in preventing this occurrence. Hence, the earlier Propecia is used, the more hair can be maintained. The drug works by stimulating hair follicles so they can grow new hairs.

finasteride 5mg comes in a small pill

This medication is in the form of a small pill with a one-milligram dose that is taken once a day. This approach in addressing hair loss can be done in confidentiality anywhere without having to apply creams or lotions that take much of your time and schedule. The drug can be taken safely as advised by a physician since there have been no indications of unfavorable drug interaction with other substances. How do I know if my hair loss is the start of male pattern baldness? Ask yourself these questions: - Do the other men in my family have male pattern baldness? - Do I often find hair on my pillow, in the sink, or in my comb? - Am I noticing more scalp showing through my hair? If you answered yes to any of these, it may be an indication that male pattern baldness is a factor in your hair loss and Propecia may help stop the hair loss. Health risks As a hair loss solution, Propecia won’t disappoint. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has it approved for being safe to use in attending to a prevalent issue. But along with the relief it proposes, it comes with a couple of alarming disadvantages. Especially on those who have been a regular taker for more than six months, the drug is known to heighten the risks of developing some conditions including cardiovascular diseases. Knowing these complications, you’d have to think through your decision to have the cure.


Propecia has been received with mixed reviews. While most men regard it well for its usefulness as a hair loss drug, some remain apprehensive considering that it comes with side effects. According to them, rather than the drug helping them eliminate a problem, it links to another set for them to worry about. Having the pill in their system for a long period, they tend to suffer from frequent headaches, fatigue, and sexual complications. However, these side effects were rarely observed, only in 10-15% of cases of taking the drug for more than six months.

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Propecia is a prescription drug, so we encourage you to discuss your hair loss concerns with your doctor before making a decision. Once you've looked at the options and decided that Propecia is right for you, ask yourself this: "Does cheap Propecia work just as well as expensive, pharmacy-dispensed Propecia?"

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